The founders


« I have always wished to enter on the court in shirt and suit to be elegant and unique, but this desire was impossible due to the lack of ease of this outfit. This assessment has guided this project and driven my thought about creating a new design of shirt and blouse. And today, we are proud to offer a unique shirt and blouse relying on a registered model “in a spiral” that brings back together elegance and ease of traditional shirt and blouse inspired from world of sport »

Brice Leverdez
- Founder, Olympic Athlete, 8th time National Champion of Badminton -

Manage the company's activities

Matthieu Lo Ying Ping
- Artistic director -

Develop collections, designs and products

Yoann Morillo
- Creative Director -

Design the identity of our brand

Our brand

LEVERDEZ brand is born from the assessment of lack of ease and elegance. As a result, our first collection of shirts and blouses innovates with its conception, its aesthetics, and its elegance.

Our vision

Inspired from the world of sport, everyday life, and its contraints to redefine traditional clothing. Rethink the elegance and comfort with a unique shirts and blouses collection.

Our mission

To create unique, timeless products for men and women that are adapted to modern living, delicately combining ease and elegance.

Our values

Elegance, innovation and freedom make up the 3 core values of LEVERDEZ DNA. An absolute quest of elegance with the willingness to redefine the standards and offer uncompromised freedom.

Our process

The cotton used for the manufacturing of LEVERDEZ shirts and blouses has been carefully selected for its quality, strength and weft properties. Afterwards, the yarn has been woven according to an innovative process presenting for the 1st time a unique comfort thanks to the 100% cotton stretch fabric without any additional elastic fibers.

Thus, the unrivalled combination of this particular weaving, the positioning of its slanting weft thread and the building « in a spiral », deliver a significant innovation in the premium shirt and blouse category. Ease and elegance are the undeniable strengths of this outstanding collection.

Furthermore, the LEVERDEZ shirts and blouses manufacturing is today approved « Origine France Garantie ». This quality certification is the outcome of steady willingness from its founders to partner with well-known international French manufacturers in the Prêt à Porter luxury industry, token of know how, quality and responsiveness.


Product Excellence



This innovative technology, which has been developed with the weaver, allows to get a fabric that is 100% cotton but that is also more comfortable thanks to a Stretch (from 12% to 20%) which is created to last.
There has been no need to add elastic fibers and other polyamides, which normally get loose over the years.


100% Cotton Stretch Fabric

The cotton yarns of this 100% Cotton STRETCH fabric are very fine and have been twisted twice (Two Ply Technology) before the weaving which gives this luxurious fabric a very high flexibility and a texture which is as exquisite as silk.


Made in France

Manufactured with care by our best luxury craftsmen in France.
We are certificated ''Origine France Garantie'' label.



The construction and the concept of our shirts are subjected to a design trademark at the INPI (the French National Institute of Industrial Property). This unique design has been created with a spiral shaping to optimize freedom of movement, particularly by removing the seams under the arms.


Left and Right-handers

Our design is so specific that we have created a different shirt for left-handers and another one for right-handers. We thus guarantee you a perfect movement of freedom and ease.


Pearl buttons

The mother-of-pearl used for our buttons have been meticulously chosen in Vietnam, famous for its high quality. The buttons are manufactured in France.



The emblem has been embroidered on the button closure tab for the METIS Shirts collection.
For the IRIS shirts collection, the emblem has been embroidered on the cuff, either left cuff for left-handers or right cuff for right-handers.



The Spiral line is sewn with 5 stitches per cm in order to obtain more flexibility.

Our history

LEVERDEZ brand is indivisible from its founder Brice Leverdez, known as a leader figure among the sport family with his numerous French champion titles and his Olympic Games participation in Badminton.

His strong, demanding character and inflexibility towards his appearance motivated him to create a style matching his expectations in selecting's skillful team around him that is sharing his vision.


January : Project birth

February : The team is built

May : Registration of brand name and its logo


June : LEVERDEZ Company registration

September : The shirt and the blouse designs are registered


February 7th : Release of LEVERDEZ website

April 9th and 10th : 2016 official collection launch in Paris

Beginning of May : Opening of the e-shop